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Manitoba is one of the three prairie provinces in Canada and is the fifth most populous province.  It is a diverse province with rich history. It has a strong economy in the natural resource industry, offers specialized education and training programs, has many different events to bring the community together and a lot of activities for tourist to enjoy.


Manitoba has a strong economy that leans on its abundance of natural resources. Their economy relies heavily on agriculture, tourism, energy, old, mining and forestry. Agriculture is vital and mostly found in the southern half of the province.


Like the other provinces in Canada, Manitoba offers education for students from kindergarten to grade 12.  From high school and onwards, individuals have a choice on pursuing a more specialized education and training.

Manitoba’s Public Universities and Colleges offer a wide-range of programming to meet the needs of learners and the Manitoba labour market. Institutions are physically located throughout the province and also offer online programming extending their reach virtually to almost all of Manitoba’s communities. Manitoba’s public post-secondary institutions are listed below.

Climate and Weather

It is because Manitoba is a prairie province that it has a windy climate, cold winters and a warm climate. Despite this, Manitoba is a sunny province. It often has the clearest skies all year round.

Arts, Culture, and Communities

Manitoba offers many art galleries that reflect the province’s unique regions, cultures and histories. The Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art is one of the most well-known art galleries in Winnipeg, The art presented there challenges ideas and issues residing in present day society. It offers many different mediums of art such as architecture, film, television, photography and new media. For a more cultural take, the Urban Shaman harbors art that focuses in art pieces by Indigenous people. It offers contemporary art and an admission free gallery.

There are many festivals and events that are offered in Manitoba. Seasonal summer festivals offer many cultural celebrations such as the Ukrainian Festival, Flin Flon Trout Festival, Modern Corn and Apple Festival and the Gimli Film Festival. These festivals are a great way to spend time with family and friends. They offer numerous attractions, music and food for everyone to enjoy.

Tourist Attractions

There are many fun activities and attractions to do in Manitoba. Activities you can do all season include: watching the northern lights, rock & ice climbing, horseback riding, and windsurfing. In the spring and summer season, you can enjoy activities like canoeing and kayaking, fishing, and camping.  In contrast, the colder season offers dog sledding, skiing and snowboarding, and numerous other winter sports to compliment the winter weather.

The heart of Manitoba is in the beauty of the landscapes and the town that reside close to these wonders. Northern Manitoba, for example, exhibits amazing greenery from the untouched forests and sandy ridges that defined the land. The retreating glaciers also shaped the North because of its influence on the Canadian Shield. This portion of Manitoba makes for an incredible view of the land from its vantage points.

There are towns located by lakes that each has their own personality to them. Each of these town are small, having a close feel for them. They are have their own stories and aspects that make them feel different from one another. The town of Lynn Lake, for example, has a rich mining history to it and offers great access to outdoor adventures on the nearby lakes and at Burge Lake and Zed Lake provincial parks.


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