Status Restorations and Appeals
We are able to provide a full-scope of immigration related services to our clients. That includes the following:

The following is a bit of elaboration on each:

Immigration Appeals Division (IAD) and Federal Court Hearings & Defense

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In some cases, your application might be rejected for any unforeseen reason. In such case, Canada’s immigration law would allow you an appeal before one of the following entities:

  • IAD: Immigration Appeal Division
  • RAD: Refugee Appeal Division
  • Federal Court

When you ask the Federal Court of Canada to review decisions related to immigration, a lawyer must apply for judicial review on your behalf.

Additionally, in some cases, there are deadlines by which you are allowed to apply for review by the Federal Court. For example, if the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has rejected your claim for refugee protection, you must file an application to ask for a Federal Court review within 15 days after the IRB decision was issued.

Our office can represent you all the way, and, while we do take all measures from the beginning to ensure your application is not missing anything and that it has a strong stand in relation to the type of application you’re undertaking, we can also continue to be with you in above cases should you choose to entrust us with this critical mission.

Criminal Rehabilitation

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Under Canada’s immigration law, if you have committed or been convicted of a crime, you may not be allowed into Canada. In other words, you may be “criminally inadmissible.”

This includes both minor and serious crimes, such as theft, assault, manslaughter, dangerous driving, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and possession of or trafficking in drugs or controlled substances.

Depending on the crime, how long ago it was and how you have behaved since, you may still be allowed to come to Canada, if you:

  • Convince an immigration officer that you meet the legal terms to be deemed rehabilitated, or
  • Applied for rehabilitation and were approved, or
  • Were granted a record suspension or
  • Have a temporary resident permit.

If you have one of those situations, talk to us about it and we’ll do our best to identify the best course of action


You may apply for permanent residency under the Humanitarian and Compassionate category if you are:

  • In Canada, and
  • Would suffer excessive hardship if you had to return to your home country to apply
  • Cost and inconvenience are not considered to be excessive hardship.

Depending on the specifics related to you, we can determine whether you are eligible to send your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada under this category.

Give us a call, or send us an email and we will be glad to go through the details with you and provide you with the best possible advice, including representation services should you choose to avail it.

Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC)

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If you have been the subject of a removal order from Canada you will probably need an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) if you want to return. Whether you need one depends on the type of removal order that was issued.

Once you explain to us some details and answer few questions, we’ll be able to determine whether you need an ARC or not.

If you do, we can help you correctly apply for it -if you are eligible to return to Canada.

Temporary Resident Permit

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A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) can be issued to a foreign national who, in the opinion of an officer, is inadmissible or does not meet the requirements of the immigration law.

The issuance of a TRP is completely discretionary and depends on the Immigration Officer’s determination of whether:

  • The need for a foreign national to enter or remain in Canada is compelling; and
  • The need for a foreign national’s presence in Canada outweighs any risk to Canadians or Canadian society

If you believe yourself to be inadmissible, or have already been denied access to Canada, and which to find out whether or not you may be eligible to apply for one, give us a call or send us an email with the details pertaining to your situation and we’ll provide our best possible advice towards your specific and detailed information

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