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Mar 14, 2018Immigration, News

Alberta has a diverse number of regions, lifestyles, and atmosphere that attract a variety of people. Communities range from having a small and rural setting to a more urban cityscape. There are many places you can explore in the province, each adding to its own character. The province’s environment and natural setting adds to the appeal. Many people come to escape and visit the national and provincial parks in the region to get a taste of the natural tone of the Rock Mountains or experiencing the Northern lights. There is also a wide range of business opportunities for different kinds of people and investors to get a taste for and a variety of schooling programs and openings for students interested.

Community and Lifestyle

The two biggest cities in Alberta are Edmonton and Calgary. These consists of the province’s urban infrastructure where almost half of Alberta’s population lives in. Both cities have a suburban area and contain major universities, modern hospitals, diverse cultural facilities and sports complexes. The larger cities also have an extensive bus and/or train networks as a transit option.

For the smaller communities, Alberta has many welcoming rural communities. They offer many of the same services and facilities (like hospitals, schools, and parks) that you might find in a larger city, while also having a more relaxed atmosphere.

Weather-wise, Alberta has four distinct seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter. Alberta enjoys the higher number of sunny days in Canada, with up to 18 hours of daylight in the summertime. While it is true that it does get cold in the winter, the dry cold is very easy to manage if you dress appropriately.

Nature and Environment

Alberta has a diverse set of natural settings for those that want to get in touch with nature. Since its first opening of their own national park, Alberta has added four more since the 1880s. These parks contain millions of years of history and rare and exotic wildlife. Provincial parks also let people view sensitive habitats and wildlife and experience for themselves the distinct kind of natural beauty that they have. Protecting and conserving all wildlife and their habitats is an important quality to Albertans.

Alberta also offers the opportunity for people to experience the northern lights and dark skies. The province is home to some of the world’s largest dark sky preserves allowing for no artificial light to obscure the view of the northern lights or the night sky. The best time to go and see the lights for yourselves is September and mid-May.

The Canadian Rockies offers an abundant amount of activities like skiing, climbing, or just enjoying the aesthetic view of the frozen mountains. Cosy towns by the mountain give a sense of historic charm and amenities you could ask for. There are lots of pubs, cafes, and restaurants that serve local food to truly feel immersed in the feeling of being by the mountains.

Business Opportunities and Schools

From the beginning, Alberta was tied to the wealth of the land offered by the diverse landscapes, fertile soil, and rich forests. While the province still does retain this identity, Alberta is also tied with the wealth in the oil and energy resources. Albertans continue to bring to this land their dreams and aspirations, realizing opportunities and responding to challenges. Alberta has skilled, experienced, trained, and educated workers, in diverse labour pools. The Government of Alberta is committed to helping you find the workforce you need and providing training and employment programs for you to find jobs today and prepare for jobs tomorrow.

The people of Alberta enjoy a very high quality of life, including the lowest overall taxes in Canada. Albertans have the highest disposable incomes in Canada and the lowest unemployment rate which makes the province an ideal place to live, work, and raise a family.

Alberta welcomes students from around the world. You can choose from a variety of universities, colleges and technical schools to study in and get the quality education you are looking for while also appreciating the landscape that Alberta offers.


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