Ontario in Review

Apr 24, 2018Immigration, News

The province of Ontario is a popular destination for newcomers. It is the most populous province in Canada and the second largest province by land area. It is located in central Canada and houses an abundance amount of diverse people and cultures.

Ontario Economy and Employment

Ontario is home to all types of industries. This is because it is the economic heart of Canada. Ontario brings industries like information economy, a manufacturing district, an auto industry, a natural resource-based industry, and a mining sector. The diverse and thriving economy is what bring many different job opportunities for everyone. The province offers many different types of professions that is accessible to everyone and bringing in new innovative jobs along with it too. Ontario thrives internally and internationally. It is because that Ontario houses Ottawa—the capital of Canada—that is able to attract other businesses that are non-commercial organizations of an international nature.

Ontario Standard of Living

On average, residents of Ontario earn incomes that rank among the highest in Canada. Residents earn a high minimum wage which allows residents to afford a standard of living that ranks among the highest in the world. Despite the high cost of living, residents can live nicely/ the high standard of living has made Ontario the top destination for new immigrants to Canada. Cities like Toronto and Ottawa are ranked as the world’s livable cities due to cleanliness, safety, and availability of services. The boundless amounts of opportunities that Ontario offers make it an attractive place to live.


From kindergarten to grade 12, children living in Ontario are able to enrol in public, Catholic and French immersion schools throughout the province. This is funded by taxpayers and teaches a curriculum designed and monitors by the Government of Ontario. Ontario also offers publicly funded schools for those children that need it. This special education program makes it so that there is an inclusive program for everyone. Secondary schooling geared up so that students are educated for a university, technical or career colleges, apprenticeships or direct workplace entry. Ontario is home to world-leading research institutions. Post-secondary institutions offer a wide range of subjects, careers, and research opportunities. This is applicable to many professional programs. The province is known for some of the world’s best and recognized universities around the world.

Ontario Health Care

The most basic health care services are offered to all legal residents in Canada. This is universally available to everyone in the country and cost nothing to patients receiving it. The Ontario Health Insurance Plant (OHIP) covers the full range of medical services for all citizens and most permanent residents in Ontario. This includes circumstances like doctor examinations, medical testing and emergency care. Ontario has 145 public hospitals across the province, six private hospitals that provide certain elective procedures and four speciality psychiatric hospitals operating on eight sites.

Ontario Culture

Ontario has some of the greatest cultural diversities in the world. There are many thriving cultural communities that make new immigrants feel more comfortable when coming to the country. It is in the strength of these communities that brings a multicultural environment due to the different events organized. The province also offers a lot of major cultural, academic and sporting events. Toronto’s International Film Festival (TIFF) is an example of this. It is a major film festival that brings famous figures and debuting artists to the community.    


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